Botox and Fillers

Bello hosts a qualified and trained nurse that will administer the botox and fillers safely and legally. Whether your looking to plump your lips or to reduce fine lines, then Bello can help you. Our experienced and knowledgeable nurse will guide you into the best direction for you.

Ensuring she can cater to all your needs. Botox is aimed to minimize fine lines and wrinkles at a muscular level, making you look younger and fresh.

Fillers can be used to make the lips look luscious and full, as well, for anti-ageing and cosmetic procedures.

Treatment at a Glance

Treatment Time – 30 minutes
Cost - £175 - £400
Maintenance – Every 3-4 months
Aftercare – Yes

Price List

1 area
Per Treatment
2 areas
Per Treatment
3 areas
Per Treatment
(30 minutes)
0.5ml Juvéderm ultra
Per Treatment
1ml Juvéderm ultra
Per Treatment
0.5ml Juvéderm vycross
Per Treatment
1ml Juvéderm vycross range
Per Treatment

Treatment Offer/ Package

10% OFF when you have Botox and Fillers

Client Review

The nurse was very friendly, professional and knowledgable. The best thing about the treatment, she was very gentle and I didn’t feel a thing. The botox has made my frown lines and crows feet completely disappear and I coulnt be happier.
Becky West


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