Carbon Facial Beauty Treatments

At Bello we offer many treatments for the skin and Carbon Facial is one that is done with a laser that has many benfits, such as, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing out the surface of the skin, tightens and reduces large and dilated pores.

There are many benefits for this treatment, however, one of the best ones, is that it reduces acne, scars and post acne discoloration and redness.

The Laser that is used is a single wavelength of light that is concentrated into an intense beam of energy.

Carbon Facial also works well with A-Lift, Radio Frequency, Dermatude, Coolifting and LED Mask.

Treatment at a Glance

Treatment Time – 30 minutes
Cost - £50
Maintenance – 4 weeks
Aftercare – Yes

Price List

Full Face
(30 minutes)
Full Face and Neck
(45 minutes)

Treatment Offer/ Package

6 sessions for £250 (saving £50)

Client Review

I walked away feeling fresh and clean after the carbon facial. I suffer with acne and acne scarring, so a few days after the treatments I could 100 % see an improvement, so I will continue with a course of treatments
Ashlie Bouston


What is a Carbon Facial?

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