CO2 Laser Treatments

Bello offer the latest and newest technology on the market called the CO2 Laser, which has the unique advantage of many treatment modes in one treatment.

Whether you want to improve post baby stretch marks, weight loss stretch marks, acne scarring, skin pigmentation, skin tightening and acne removal.

The CO2 laser will treat all of these factors in one treatment. The targeted energy of the laser stimulates collagen formation for continued improvement and younger-looking skin long after you have left the salon.

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Treatment at a Glance

Treatment Time – 30-90 minutes
Cost - £450 - £1,700
Maintenance – 3 months
Aftercare – Yes

Price List

Small Areas
Choose from Face, Neck, Decolletage and Hands
1 Area
2 Areas
3 Areas
4 Areas
Large Areas
Choose from Stomach, Top Half of Legs, Bottom Half of Legs, Bottom, Back and Arms
1 Area
2 Areas
3 Areas

Treatment Offer/ Package

Choose a small and large area to receive 10% OFF
Half Price on Fat Freeze with the 3D Lipo Machine if you have the Stomach area done

Client Review

I recently had the laser stretch mark removal done, the treament information was really in depth and made me feel extremely comfortable. The pain was bearable and I was happy. So far I’ve seen a massive improvement after my first session and can’t wait to see the final results
Claire Phant


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