The coolifting sprays facial tissues using a powerful CO2 flow. Using a combination of very high pressure and low temperature, the active ingredients are drenched into the skin.

The treatment only take 4 minutes to complete, will significantly improve the skin quality and rejuvenation. Coolifting treatments are not traumatic and are painless, you can go straight back to work. Combine with any other anti-ageing treatment we offer at Bello.

Come and try the alternative to botox, see visible results straight away after 1 session. Perfect for any special occasions.

Treatment at a Glance

Treatment Time – 15 minutes
Cost - £60
Maintenance – Everyday/Once a Month
Aftercare – Yes

Price List

1 Session
(15 minutes)

Treatment Offer/ Package

3 Sessions £150

Client Review

I had 2 sessions of Coolifting at Bello and I couldn’t believe the results, they were amazing, it was like I had Botox done. My whole face was lifted and it felt very smooth. My eye area was less puffy and looked young again. The salon itself was beautiful
Mandy Ede


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