Cryopen uses freezing temperatures with pressure to remove imperfections that takes minutes and has no downtime.

It helps with all the imperfections that just want to get rid of, such as warts, varrucae, blood spots, pigmentation, age spots, milia and skin tags.

The treatment has no downtime and is done in minutes. Cyrotheraphy is sometimes carried out at GP surgeries or at hospital skincare clinics.

However, it may not be available on the NHS in all areas in all areas of the country. Give Bello a call for your free consultation and discuss how many sessions is right for you.

Treatment at a Glance

Treatment Time – 5-15 minutes
Cost - £45
Maintenance – 4 weeks
Aftercare – Yes

Price List

1 Treatment
(15 minutes)

Treatment Offer/ Package

Book 4 Treatments and get 1 FREE

Client Review

My son had a varrucae on his foot, I have tried everything to make it go away, but it always comes back and never goes. He went to Bello to have two Cryopen sessions and it has completely gone, He’s so happy, its worth every penny
Leah Baldacchino


What is Cryotherapy?

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