At Bello the Salon we do a wide range of lash treatments and many people find it very confusing to determine which ones are best for them as individuals, which ones are suitable for certain occasions and it also depends on the amount of budget you have or are willing to spend.

The therapists at Bello will do a full consultation with you, to go through what lash treatment is best for you, just be sure, Bello offer every type of lashes on the market, so be sure, you have lots options available to you.

Whether its LVL lashes for the natural beaut or Russian Volume lashes for the diva in you.

Bello has the perfect lash treatment for you.

Treatment at a Glance

Treatment Time – 30-60 minutes
Cost - £25-£45
Maintenance – 3-4 weeks
Aftercare – Yes

Price List

Lash Tinting
(15 minutes)
LVL Lashes
(60 minutes)
Bottom Lash Tint with LVL Lashes
Express Lashes
(45 minutes)
Express Lashes Infills
(15 minutes)
Individual Lashes
(75 minutes)
Individual Lashes Infills
(75 minutes)
Russian Volume Lashes
(90 minutes)
Russian Volume Lashes 3D Infills
From £30
(60 minutes)
Russian Volume Lashes 6D
(120 minutes)
Russian Volume Lashes 6D Infills
From £40
(90 minutes)
Bottom Lash Tint with Lash Extensions

Treatment Offer/ Package

Every Monday and Tuesday Evening Luxury Facials £35 (saving £10)

Client Review

Highly recommend. Had the LVL lash treatment 20 days ago for a holiday and still looking good. Mascara free during the day (& I never ever normally go 'naked' - eyes that is! ) and maybe just a light coat of an evening. A 'must have' for future holidays
Christine Mellor


What is Lash Tinting?

What is LVL Lashes?

How does LVL Lashes it work?

How long does LVL Lashes take?

How long does LVL Lashes last for?

Will LVL damage my natural lashes?

What are Express Lash Extensions?

When would I have Express Lash Extensions?

Will Express Lashes ruin my own natural lashes?

What are Individual Lash Extensions?

When would have I Individual Lash Extensions?

Will Individual Lashes ruin my own natural lashes?

What is Russian Volume Lashes?

When would I have Russian Volume Lashes?

Will Russian Volume Lashes ruin my own natural lashes?

What is the lash growth cycle?

How long do Lash Extensions last for?

What are the contra-indications for having a lash treatment?

Lash Facts

Pre-treatment Advice