Massage and Holistic Therapies

Bello The Salon offers a full range of massage and holistic therapies in Southampton. We use natural and enhancing mediums to ensure you get the most relaxing experience.

Our equipped room has lots of tranquil surroundings and relaxing music to ensure you leave the salon feeling stress free and calm.

There are many benefits of having a massage, such as, improves skin texture and improves elasticity of the skin.

Treatment at a Glance

Treatment Time – 15-60 minutes
Cost - £20 - £40
Maintenance – 2-3 weeks
Aftercare – Yes

Price List

Swedish Full Body Massage
(60 minutes)
Swedish Shoulder, Neck and Back Massage
(30 minutes)
Swedish Facial and Head Massage
(30 minutes)

Treatment Offer/ Package

Every Thursday Evening Full Body Massage £30 (saving £10)

Client Review

Just had a full body Swedish massage by becky. Felt amazing great pressure and well worth every penny. Till next time becky and thank you xxx
Tina Peat

I had an amazing experience at Bello the Salon when I went along for a whole body massage. The Salon itself is beautiful and along with incredibly friendly staff makes you feel totally at ease.
Caroline Old


What are the benefits of massage?

What are the moves used in a Swedish Massage?

Pre-treatment Advice