Semi Permanent Make Up

Hollie Houston trained with Nouveau Contour with Karen Betts and Bridgette Softley in May 2014. Early 2015 Hollie also become a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) and passed the Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (CPCP) exam.

As well as using machine to create beautiful brows Hollie can also microblade. Hollie went on training with Katerina Zapletova to learn how to do Microblading and Diamant Blading.

Hollie is now the Educator for Brow NV with The Creative Beauty Group, UK Distributor for Diamant Blading and she owns her own Training Academy.

Everyone of her clients have a bespoke consultation to see what type of permanent make up is best for them, where she will talk about skin tone, skin type, how you wear your brows and what you would like to achieve.

It’s safe to say, you’re in safe hands with Hollie at Bello

Treatment at a Glance

Treatment Time – 90-120 minutes
Cost - £248 - £498
Maintenance – Yearly
Aftercare – Yes

Price List

Powder Brows (Machine or Microblading)
Hairstroke Brows (Machine or Microblading)
(60 minutes)
Combination Brows (Machine or Microblading)
Diamant Blading
Glama Brows (Machine and Microblading)
Power Brows (Machine and Microblading)
Platinum Brows (Machine and Microblading)
Yearly Colour Boost from
Lash Enhancement Top or Bottom
Lash Enhancement Top and Bottom
Baby Eyeliner Top
Baby Eyeliner Top and Bottom
Lip Liner
Lip Blush
Lip Liner and Blush
Full Lip Colour

Treatment Offer/ Package

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Client Review

After 20 years of drawing in, pencilling in, I finally have the brows I have always dreamed of. They don't wash off, they don't smudge or smear and they look incredible! Hollie you are 100% an artist, there can be no doubt you have changed my life and I will forever be a client of yours. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left you treat me like an old friend, put my mind at ease and worked like a professional. I'm very sorry I cried but believe me they were tears of complete joy! Thank you so much, cannot recommend you enough
Donna Gascoigne


How can Permanent Make Up change your life?

What is Machine Brows?

What is Microblading Brows?

What is Diamant Blading?

What is Power Brows?

What is Glama Brows?

What is Platinum Brows?

What are Lash Enhancement and Baby Liner?

What is the difference between Lip Line, Lip Blush and Full Colour?

Why choose Hollie Houston?

How long does Permanent make up last?

Does it hurt?

What is the best colour?

What is the healing process?

What is the consultation process?

Agreement for your 4-6 weeks Top Up

Sun Exposure

Pre-treatment Advice